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Meet the Farmers


    Trillium lamb producers are comprised of Ontario family farms working hard to deliver a product that we are proud of. We believe that family farms are an integral part of agriculture and that consumers want to connect with where their food comes from.  Family farms are woven into the very fabric of Ontario agriculture. We value relationships. We strive to strengthen ‘community' by belonging to a joint venture value chain.  You can be certain that all lamb is sourced only from the producers that belong to Trillium Lamb. 


    Not every sheep producer has the ability to belong to our quality program.  Potential Trillium Lamb producers are accepted based on their philosophical outlook and proof of acceptable production requirements.  On farm visits supported by a Quality Assurance check mark system are offered to the Board for review.  The final decision is made democratically by the board members through a voting process.  Producers remain on a probational trial period for a period of time to ensure that standards are being followed.  

Founding Board Members (from left) 


Current Board Members

Jenny  Carnaghan

Dick Kuiperij

Ken Lamb

Jeff DeJong 

Tracey Werry









Got what it takes to be a Trillium Lamb Producer?  

Contact any of us to see how you can contribute.

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